These are the essential and fragrance oils that we are currently using in our various products. Please scroll down for our regular scents. Not all products are available in every fragrance. Click the Shop tab to see which product/fragrance combinations are available. 

Seasonal Scents

Fall Scents:

  • Fall Apple- Yum! Juicy apple and savory sage combine to make this scent delectable!
  • In the Orchard- This scent is a bright take on apple spice that does NOT smell like a pie! Rather, it smells like a wonderful crisp Saturday, walking through the apple orchard while drinking some cider. 
  • Play it again, Sam- Y'all. One of my favorite movies is Casablanca. It is a romantic movie with a bit of intrigue, a dash of nostalgia, a smidge of heartbreak, and a dab of exotic.  And that pretty much describes this fragrance. Exotic, intriguing, and a bit vintage. It is a warm, dry, light musk, light floral fragrance that is really hard to describe. One customer had this to say, "I can't describe it and I don't like it. I LOVE IT."
  • Pumpkin Crunch-If pumpkin and brown sugar got married, it would smell like pumpkin crunch. This is such a yummy, kitchen-y fragrance!
  • Pumpkin Spice- This is not your mom's pumpkin pie. Nope. This is a warm, spice-filled pumpkin scent that just screams fall! Rich pumpkin and a dash of spice make this an AWESOME way to welcome fall! 

Winter Scents:

  • Christmas Wish- Who doesn't love sugar cookies, mulled cider, and cloves & cinnamon scenting the air at Christmas? If you love those things, you will ADORE this fragrance. 
  • First Snow- Hands down, my favorite winter scent. It smells like my yard right after snow has fallen- crunchy snow, shimmering sunlight, cozy blankets, and a teeny tiny dash of snow-laden tree branches.  
  • Sugar Plum Fairy- Oh, this is such a fun fragrance! Juicy, sweet, reminds me of opening my stocking as a kid and finding all sorts of sweet treats! If you love fruity sweet, you will ADORE this scent. 


Essential Oil Scents

  • Lavender- Light, classic lavender!
  • Good morning sunshine!- Lovely lemongrass and herbaceous rosemary combine for a bright citrus wake-up call!
  • Peppy Peppermint- Sweet, clear peppermint...this isn't your candy cane peppermint. This is it's more sophisticated cousin...same great "mintiness" but without the sugar.

Fragrance Oil Scent

  • Almond- If you love almond, you'll love this.
  • Always- Oh my! The lovely, light white floral scent of elderflower...spectacular!
  • Bergamot Grapefruit- This sophisticated citrus will wake you up in the morning! Unisex scent good for any age.
  • Cashmere & Pear- Hmm, what a scent! Juicy pear wrapped up with warm, sensual cashmere equals a sophisticated, spa-like scent.
  • Desert Flower- A bit of floral, a dash of desert, light musk, and a drop of sandalwood...yum!
  • Diva- Y'all. Hints of pomegranate, peach, floral, and a dash of amber make this a complex and delectable fragrance.
  • French Cottage (French Green Tea)- Fresh, light; smells like a day at the spa!
  • Fresh Fig- This clean fragrance has notes of exotic fig and a light herbaceous green scent. Unisex.
  • Georgia on my Mind- Oh my! Notes of dogwood and ginger blossom combine for a sophisticated but sassy scent. And one that reminds me of my hometown, Atlanta!
  • Green Irish Tweed- Clean, masculine scent; reminiscent of cologne, Creed, developed for Cary Grant...oh la la!
  • Havanna Nights- Oh my! Complex, warm, sexy. Notes of light musk, citrus, vanilla, green...all combine for a wonderfully smooth scent.
  • Honeysuckle- Need we say more?
  • Little Black Dress -  Sultry, sassy, and sexy! This is a Wildwood Cottage favorite! Deep, warm notes of amber balanced with classic lavender. 
  • Pink Grapefruit- Bursting with citrus goodness, this scent is bright, fresh, and sure to wake you up!
  • Pink Salt and Water Lily- Lily tempered with a twang of salt; a house favorite!
  • Rosemary Mint- Bright and this!
  • Seaside Cottage- Salty sea air, shimmering sun, the roar of the smell and you are transported to the beach!
  • Soft Southern Nights- Magnolia, hint of jasmine, and a dash of green. This smells like summer in the south.
  • Summer Sunrise- This fresh fragrance is like a summer morning with dew on the grass and heat in the air. Green, light, clean.
  • Well-dressed Man- Ooolala! A clean, sexy fragrance that smells like a well-groomed man in a custom tailored suit. Swoon!
  • Wildflower Honey- Honey with notes of wildflowers; not too sweet and not too floral.