Hand-made soap- First Snow

Hand-made soap- First Snow


Our skin is the biggest organ we have. Treating it well is important. Keep it smooth and silky by using our luscious little lotion bars!

Lotion bars are concentrated goodness! Unlike liquid lotions, lotion bars do not contain water, synthetic emulsifiers (the chemicals that bind water and oil to create lotion), or preservatives (necessary in any product with water). Lotion bars contain skin-loving oils & butters, soothing extracts, and a bit of beeswax to hold it together. Awesome, right?

To use, you simply run the lotion bar over your skin;  it will begin to melt on contact with your skin; then rub into your skin. Our lotion bars moisturize your skin AND they smell GREAT!

Here at Wildwood Cottage Soap Company, each batch of lotion bars is carefully designed. We use our master blend of high-quality oils & butters, wonderful, skin-safe fragrances, and a wee bit of magic to deliver an excellent product to YOU. Try a lotion bar today...we bet you and your skin will love it!!